Building Solutions One Container At A Time

MIT Modular provides creative, affordable, and sustainable container solutions to customers throughout the United States.

Why Choose Us


Construction costs can be a significant financial undertaking.

That's why MIT Modular is more affordable than closest competitors due to building techniques, floorplan configurations, proprietary insulation, and streamlined efficiencies.

We're dedicated to making your project more attainable and financially manageable.

Energy Efficient

Invest in a sustainable, energy-efficient future with our eco-friendly building designs.

Our solutions not only reduce carbon emissions but also lead to significant savings on energy costs.

We will meet and often exceed your insulation (R-Value) ratings through our proprietary techniques.


Shape vibrant communities with our functional and harmonious mixed-use solutions.

Ideal for entrepreneurs, businesses, and community projects, our designs encourage interaction and growth.

Rapid Construction

Harness the power of speed without compromising on quality with MIT Modular's accelerated construction process, enabling us to build your dream project in a matter of months, not years.

With us, efficient doesn't mean rushed - it means high-quality, reliable, and perfectly timed.

Our Story

Our business model is built around fulfilling a deep need for affordable housing, and our Opportunity Zone Fund structure offers investors an economic upside potential on both real estate and the fabrication business, combined with significant federal and state tax benefits. 

If you are interested in learning more about our unique offerings, need affordable housing or want to participate in creating a new vision of tomorrow, get in touch with us. 

One Solution. Many Uses.

We specialize in solar and grid-ready housing, retail, and special-purpose solutions 

that can withstand 180+ mph winds and pull 2.5G’s in a seismic event.

We do this while maintaining an elegant and modern aesthetic.

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