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Building Solutions One Container at a Time

MIT Modular provides creative, affordable, and sustainable container solutions to customers throughout the United States.

We specialize in solar and grid-ready housing, retail, and special-purpose solutions that can withstand 180+ mph winds and pull 2.5G’s in a seismic event while maintaining an elegant and modern aesthetic.

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Our business model is built around fulfilling a deep need for affordable housing, and our Opportunity Zone Fund structure offers investors an economic upside potential on both real estate and the fabrication business, combined with significant federal and state tax benefits. 


If you are interested in learning more about our unique offerings, need affordable housing or want to participate in creating a new vision of tomorrow, get in touch with us. 




From Pop-up stores to Food Courts to Mixed Use, Our Design and Fabrication Team is ready to serve You.



From Affordable Housing, to Multifamily, to Luxury Modern, Our full service Architectural and Engineering Team is Excited to Make Your Dream A Reality.

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Around the world, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are helping communities provide solutions for expanding families, guest housing, affordable housing and creative work spaces/studios. Our modular, shippable units are the perfect solution.

All of these units are designed to be self contained and interconnected so they can be shipped as turnkey individual units, or connected to provide scalable temporary infrastructure. This means that we can add more kitchens, bathrooms, shelters and clinics as needed. 


Special Events Units are available in any size. Fully self contained units that can stand alone. 

Take a virtual tour of one of our units "Basecamp". 

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