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MIT Modular is one of America's leading authority

Behind MIT Modular

MIT Modular provides creative, affordable, and sustainable housing. We specialize in solar and grid-ready housing, retail, and special-purpose solutions that can withstand 180 + mph winds and pull 2.5G’s in a seismic event while maintaining an elegant AND modern aesthetic. We believe in providing adequate job training to the underserved residents in our community and job placement that pays a living wage to our workers which empowers and inspires systemic change within the communities we serve.

Our business model is built around fulfilling a deep need for affordable housing, and our Opportunity Zone Fund structure offers investors an economic upside potential on both real estate and the fabrication business, combined with significant federal and state tax benefits.

MIT Modular was created to help solve the need for affordable housing, by Park City Basecamp and Gorilla Design visionaries Blake Christian and Roi Maufas.

Our team of professional architects, engineers and fiduciaries provide creative and cost effective solutions that provide a solid foundation for investors, business partners and workers interested in providing a brighter future.


If you are interested in learning more about our services, need affordable housing or want to participate in creating a new vision of tomorrow, please feel free to contact us. 



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Roi Maufas

Roi is the Lead Designer and Co-Founder of MIT Modular

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Blake E. Christian

Blake E. Christian is a Co-Founder of MIT Modular.

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Parker oversees the development of all marketing materials, manages data infrastructure, and supports our strategic planning initiatives.

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