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MIT Modular is one of America's leading authority. Take a virtual tour by clicking the link below.

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MIT Modular News, Articles, and Information

Asia Pacific Today-How Do You 'Write Off' $120
Billion Worth Of Slightly Used Military Equipment?

Exploring New Urbanism - Linkedin Article 

Micro "estates" bring home affordability to Tempe

KPCW - Mountain Money - Capital Gains Tax Increase

Turning Vacant Lots Into Housing - Linkedin Article

Park City TV Interview with Roi Maufas

Motley Fool Webiner on Opportunity Zones

Gentrification is pricing out longtime Salt Lake City residents - Salt Lake Tribune Article

Experimental Residential Unit to ease Hong Kong
housing shortage - Linkedin Article 

Smart Phone to Smart Farming - Verizon Wireless

Shipping Containers turned into Micro-Homes

Blake Christian comments on Joe Biden Infrastructure Bill - Asia Pacific Today

First Tiny House Community in OZ

The MIllionarces Podcast - Learn More About OZ Fund Tax Benefits.

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Blake Christian is awarded one of the Top 25 influencers in Opportunity Zones by Opportunity Zone Expo. 

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