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Container projects are only limited to your imagination. Our projects include home dwellings, businesses, disaster relief units, bunkers, and entertainment centers. 

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief Units

All of these units are designed to be self contained and interconnected so they can be shipped as turnkey individual units, or connected to provide scalable temporary infrastructure. This means that we can add more kitchens, bathrooms, shelters and clinics as needed. 


There is even a waste -to-energy pyrolysis component that can turn disaster refuse into electricity while producing a synthetic fuel to run diesel powered machinery, and help manage the piles of trash that breed pests and disease.


There is also a mobile, foldable, expandable solar power generation unit that can be tied together to increase output as needed.


There are bioremediating multiple toilet units to manage sanitation issues, as well a mobile showers.


There is a scalable water filtration system that can filter water down to .2 microns so that salmonella, cholera and several other waterborne pathogens and particulates can be mechanically separated out. The water is then treated with UV light to kils off any other bacterias.  


There is also a solar powered surgical theater, equipped with autoclave, oxygen generators, hand held x-ray units and other necessities for surgery. There is an optional satellite uplink systems and endoscopic camera system so that other surgeons can coach operation via telemedicine.

Housing ADU

Housing Units

A simple, streamlined ADU studio/mother-in-law unit made of 2 20' containers with a kitchen and a bathroom. I designed it so that all the plumbing is in 1 20' module that can be attached to either another 20' unit (320sqft) or another 40' unit (480sqft). 

Of course, it incorporates our usual sustainability focus on efficiencies, and is designed to be grid tied.



Workforce Housing

Workforce Housing